Life Coaching & Pricing

What's weighing down your shoulders?

Anywhere you look there always seems to be a reason to feel pressured.

Shouldn't I have a better job? Am I taking proper care of myself? Why am I this fat? I'm going to be ugly when I lose my hair. Why am I such a pushover? Why are other people so happy? Why do I have to menstrate every month? ...

And the list goes on and on. The weight of life can be HEAVY. It can make you want to just stop altogether. Or maybe start over? If I was rich / better looking / fitter / stronger / happier ... Oh man... How great would that be...

Listen. I get it. You wanna know how I get it? It's because I'm feeling weighed down by the fact that I have to actually write this information about my coaching. 

Yes, I know it's my job and it's how you are going to learn about me so I know it's good for me to write it - but I STILL FEEL BURDENED BY IT! 

I'm so burdened by it, before finishing this section of this site I checked my phone about 3 times and refreshed an unrefreshable timeline. Trust me, I really get it.

Here's the cool thing though.

You don't HAVE to feel that way. 

I don't HAVE to write this page to let you know about my coaching. I worked with clients before I had a website. But I know I WANT the opportunity to reach more people with my website. So I'm doing this out of my WANT, rather than HAVE. When I recognize that, I don't HAVE to feel bad.

Your shoulders are heavy. But they don't have to. You don't have to live in this pressured way. Live live the way you WANT, not the way you HAVE to. 

My life coaching services are meant to give you exactly that experience. It will shave a great chunk of weight off of your shoulders. So how to get started?

You, probably


If you want to change a problem in your life, I don't charge you for addressing that problem. It doesn't matter if the problem is self image, social anxiety, depression, or relationships... It's free.

I do this because of one belief: everyone deserves a problem-free life.

We all enter adulthood with various scars and wounds we never properly healed from. We encounter new painful experiences after adulthood, which gets stacked on top of all the earlier experiences we didn't heal from. These problems continue rotting inside of you and start taking control of your life. For example: my feeling scarce of money in my adult life came from my high school guilt of being an international student and putting financial burden on my parents.

Giving someone an opportunity to be free from all of the emotional debt accrued over a lifetime is an experience that I think everyone can benefit from. And that experience is such a positive one I just want to gift it to everyone. This mindset is what makes me not charge for problem solving; the sessions are my gift to you.

So if you or your loved one is suffering from a mental health issue... You're not alone. Just write your email in the box below to talk to me and discover what it feels like to have the weight of your life lifted off from your shoulders!

My paid program is for clients who want to build an intentional life. 

When you re-discover your desire to paint again after addressing your financial anxiety, we can work together to build your ideal creative life that will let you leave your mark in this world. When you want to rebuild your relationship with your children after making amends with your childhood experiences, we can work to be a safe space for your children no matter what happens in the world. 

To get started, write your email in the box below!