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What does your morning look like?

You wake up, groggy from your sleep - your eyelids are still heavy, while your brain tries to catch up with the fact that you woke up. 

As your brain catches up, it starts loading all the feelings that you feel on a daily basis. Like a pile of laundry, it starts piling up one by one.

Ah, right, there was this event that was stressing me out. Oh, almost forgot that person who makes me uncomfortable at work. Mmm, I still have to make that appointment later this week. What am I going to eat today? 

And so on and on, by the time you step out of bed there is a noticeable weight on your shoulders that got generated in the course of a few minutes. You feel that crease between your eyebrows deepen again, and your expressions sink to the ground with your shoulders.

Your days aren't that bad, but it's just that they're the same kind of days over and over. You've asked yourself multiple times if this is the life that you will continue living for the rest of your life, and you can't find yourself confidently answering that question. As you repeat your routine day for the 1000th time, there is this unique strain of stress that comes from... unrealized potential. Isn't that cool?

You know there is an inner fire.

You know there is some other life you want to be living. At the same time there are so many restrictions imposed upon you that forces you to live your current life. After all, I have to be responsible for myself and my family. I have to take care of finances. I have to maintain relationships a certain way. I have to eat and exercise a certain way. I can't just break out of this way of living because there are always reasons your life is crafted this way. 

Again, you know there is some other life you want to be living. When that possibility is faced with the rigid structure of your life and its requirements, you feel STUCK. You want to do the things that make you unapologetically happy. You want to prioritize yourself over other people. You want to live life as if you don't care what other people think. But life seems to tell you you can't. 

Coaching breaks your life's rules.

That's when coaching comes in. Your current life is an output of how you think and feel about all the aspects of your life. This is great news, because those thoughts and feelings can change!

How will you act differently when you:

Live the life you always wanted to live.

With my life coaching services, you get these results in your life:

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, because every change in your mind cascades like an avalanche (wow, lots of cold metaphors for a July branded coaching business!). With so many techniques and approaches spanning hypnosis, NLP, meta-pattern, unshaming, and more - rest assured you'll be working with the best tools in the industry of change work.

All of this talk has ME excited for your life. Please, invite me to your journey. Enter your email below, and let's discuss how to get this started.