About Billy

I was born in a southern port city called Busan in South Korea. I grew up in Korea, Canada, and the U.S. and attended Cornell University where I got my B.A. and M.Eng. in computer science. I worked at Apple and Foursquare Inc., and I currently work at The Walt Disney Studios as a Staff Data Engineer, and as a life coach for July Life Coach - my coaching business.

90% of my life I was waiting for something great to happen.

Prior to college:

I was sick and tired of studying for SAT's and AP tests while trying to juggle all the extracurricular activities expected of a potential Ivy League-caliber student, and couldn't wait to go to college. 


As a SoCal boy I couldn't stand the lack of sunshine and the isolated rural environment of my school. I felt like a prisoner locked up against my will and I literally counted the days to my graduation.

Military Service:

As a South Korean citizen I had to serve in the military. Fortunately with my STEM degree I was able to serve as a researcher instead of being in active combat duty, but even then I didn't appreciate my life and thought I was a prisoner to my country - again waiting to be free from the bounds of my duty.

Life as an immigrant:

I came to America on a work visa, which meant I needed to be continuously hired by a company to be lawfully residing in the United States. Even though I loved working at the places I worked, the very thought that I did not have complete freedom over my life decisions again made me feel like I was imprisoned - this time by immigration rules.

Then I learned: the only prison locking me up was my thoughts.

In 2020 I had the opportunity to be life coached thanks to my sister. At first, I was not impressed with the thought of being coached: isn't that for people with major problems? My life seemed pretty normal, so I wasn't fully convinced of the need for life coaching but I went through with it anyway since my sister was offering it. Through my coaching experience I learned that the only prison locking me up was my thoughts. 

Since then, I enrolled in the Coach Certification Program from the Life Coach School where I learned how to be a life coach, and studied the human mind. I'm trained in hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and I am a certified life coach with the Ethical Coaching Collective and Life Coach School. Learn more about my coaching services here.