Life Coaching

Do you remember your childhood dream?

You wanted to be a dinosaur. Superman. Scientist. President. Remember all the dreams you had, when you wanted your life to BE something? That excitement filled your mind, all the possibilities you had explored without any judgment or shame.

But somewhere along the way, you lost that.

It's hard to focus at school and work.

Your education and job that was supposed to feel exciting feels boring and you don't know how to feel excited again.

Your job always seems not enough.

You're always looking for one more promotion and one better job, constantly seeking interviews and recruiters.

You never feel like you belong anywhere.

How do you make friends as an adult? You don't feel like you connect to anyone, and relationships feel meaningless.

By your age, you were supposed to be the person you imagined as a child. But why aren't you living as that person?

There is a way to get back on the path to your dream.

Listen. I feel you because I was you. "But the world isn't fair!" "I don't have enough money to do that!" "How am I supposed to do that with my education and background?" The world never seemed to give me a chance, and even when I got the things I thought I wanted I was depressed. There was always something missing, and that missing thing was always outside of my reach.

Through life coaching I discovered the pathway back to my desired life, and I loved it so much that I trained to become a life coach. Since then I got promoted as a lead at my job at a Fortune 100 company, started changing people's lives through coaching, work with a great work/life balance, got a house with my wife and two dogs, a green card... Everything I dreamed of in my childhood dream.

I started out the same way as you did - as a regular joe (or Billy), with the world not by my side... Your dreams may be different from mine but I'm telling you there is a way to get back to your childhood dream.

How would your life be different if you:

  • completely stopped what other people thought of you?

  • negotiate so well so you get more salary than you ever thought possible?

  • started something completely new with the confidence to make your dream work?

  • are so happy with your life you always become a key player in any community because of your energy?

  • felt like you belong in your community and become a leader wherever you go?

I am telling you right now, that all of the above is possible.

Talk to me about your life in a 1:1 consultation call at no charge to you. Tell me why it's so hard and how everything sucks. Tell me your childhood dreams. We'll walk the first steps back to your path to that dream together. Don't feel so sure about if you should do a call or not? Sign up for my emails and I will give you coaching directly to your inbox at no cost.